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My First Time Taking Down Production

Category: Code

They say you never forget your first… time knocking the production application offline. Here’s what happened, and the aftermath.

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Solving Common Bash Problems

Category: Code, Educational

Do you keep running into issues with your Bash variables not being expanded or your arrays behaving oddly? Bookmark this post, because we’re going to solve them!

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A Real, Honest Day in the Life of a Jr. DevOps Engineer

Category: Code

Stand-up and projects and scripting, oh my! Curious about what a day in the life of a Jr. DevOps Engineer looks like? I’ve got you covered with a play-by-play of a recent Wednesday.

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Twenty Twenty Too

Category: Just For Fun

A retrospective on what ended up being a pretty great year, intention-setting for the year ahead, and wishes for a very happy New Year. 2022 let’s gooooo!

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How to Shout Out Your Awesome Colleague

Category: Code, Copywriting, Educational

Want to shout out a colleague for the terrific contributions they’ve made, but aren’t sure how? Follow these tips to spread the joy and positivity!

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What to Read This Holiday Season

Category: Copywriting, Just For Fun

Finally have the time and mental space to curl up in front of the fire with a toasty beverage and a good book, but don’t know what to read? I’ve got you covered.

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