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Vertical fairy lights that look like purple icicles hanging from the ceiling of a dance club with a hot pink strobe light cutting through them

Of Argyle and Engineering

Category: Code

It’s official – I’m a software engineer! It’s a milestone, but it’s also just the beginning. Oh, and two old ladies got into a Hollywood nightclub somehow. Read all about it.

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Determined to Rise

Category: Code, Just For Fun

What does the ShaneXJeffree Conspiracy palette have to do with my journey into tech? Grab your popcorn and Diet Rootbeer, because this post is a doozy!

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An open Mac laptop on a rock next to a backpack with a river in the background.

Tips for Remote Workers

Category: Code, Copywriting

If you’re new to working remotely or thinking of taking the plunge, these tips will reveal the most common pitfalls you need to be aware of and what you can do to avoid falling in.

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A laptop with a pair of glasses folded off to the side. In front of the laptop is an open notebook and a pair of hands, one hand is on the page and the other is on the mouse.

Organization Tips for the Freelance Copywriter

Category: Copywriting

Staying organized is important if you want to be the kind of freelancer who meets deadlines and gets paid. Read this post to find out how I do it.

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A thrown graduation cap against a pale blue sky

On Graduation

Category: Boot Camp Diaries, Code, Just For Fun

Believe it or not, graduation has never been a celebratory time in my life. I’m usually so weighed down by the pressure of expectations and the future I can’t appreciate the accomplishment. Was that the case at LEARN? Read this post to find out.

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Rows of bottles that are all the same color except for one different colored bottle

Being the Only Female in My Coding Boot Camp Cohort

Category: Code

What was it like for me being the only girl in my coding boot camp cohort? Why wasn’t it weird for me? Why is this still an important conversation to have? Answers to these questions and more, in this post!

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